Friday, September 7, 2007

Cape Town, S. Africa

March 2007 found me headed on my way to Cape Town, S. Africa. I began my travels in Denver, CO with about 6 others, some of whom I was meeting for the first time in the airport. We traveled to Dulles in Washington, DC and were joined by 3 others. Together we were off for our adventure around the world.
We were traveling as a group from a Christian organization called Women of the Harvest (WOTH.) WOTH seeks to serve N. American missionary women all over the world through an online magazine and spiritual retreats that are designed to address the needs of these women who have chosen to live in other cultures sharing the love of Christ. I was part of a volunteer staff of almost 20 people, that took vacation time from work, raised $4100 in support and traveled around the world to attend the retreats in S. Africa. It was my privilege to be able to lead our missionary women in music and worship. Off I went, to discover the fantastic journey that was prepared for me!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Little did they know...

I have been a piano player since before I can remember. In fact, there is not a time in my memory that I have not understood how to read music.... thanks to the never ending patience of my parents. They endured my whining, complaining and tears as I sat at the piano bench, crying my way through my 30 minute practice time. Little did they know, and little did I have the sense to dream, that I would one day find myself using that very gift of music that God gave me to minister to Christian missionary women on the opposite side of the globe.

I've always had a desire to travel, but have never had much opportunity. God knows my heart and has matched the gift he gave me in music and that travel bug in me, in ways that I would never have guessed!

I look forward to sharing my journeys around the world as I share this gift of music with others for God's glory. Little did my parents know... that the endless whining and complaining from that little blonde daughter of theirs, would result in a ministry to women around the world!